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Vlog Video Ideas

Vlogging is nothing new, but it’s gaining popularity on YouTube as more and more content creators are making vlog style videos.

So much so, that I myself am changing the direction of my YouTube channel to do vlogs.

If you are researching how to start a YouTube channel and want some themed vlog channel ideas, check out my post “30 Vlog Channel Ideas.”

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The list below is a great start for beginner YouTubers who want to do vlog videos. For those who have a YouTube channel already, the following ideas can help inspire you for more content.

Video at the end of this post!


Vlog Video Ideas

1.       Introduce Yourself (and your channel)

2.       Glow Up or Transformation video

3.       Share a personal struggle (bulimia, alcohol, drugs, depression, anxiety)

4.       Vlog a family/special event (birthday surprise party, anniversary, graduation, a holiday, a marriage proposal, etc.)

5.       How I’m spending My Weekend

6.       Moving Day

7.       New House or Apartment Tour

8.       Day in the Life video

9.       POV Day in the Life video (of your cat, dog, kids)

10.   First Day at (high school, college, work)

11.   Vlog your vacation or day trip

12.   What I Eat in a Day

13.   Share your workout routine

14.   Stretching routine

15.   Skincare routine

16.   Cleaning routine

17.   A workout challenge video (show before and after results)

18.   Behind the Scenes video (how you make your vlog videos or BTS of your business)

19.   A tour video (of your city, favorite place, a destination spot while on vacation)

20.   A favorites video (get a list of your favorite items and talk about them)

21.   Trying to Learn (cooking, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, musical instrument)

22.   Share a special skill that you have

23.   Share a favorite hobby if you have one

24.   Do’s and Don’ts (especially if you’re an expert at something, you can give a list of do’s and don’ts to help other people from making common mistakes)

25.   Your wardrobe style

26.   Share something about your cultural/ethnicity (show how to make a traditional meal, a religious ceremony, tell a folklore story and the meaning behind it)

27.   A linguistics video (fun with a friend who can’t speak the language or you trying to teach someone how to speak your language)

28.   Visit the Top 5 (restaurants/bars/hotels/tourist attractions in your city)

29.   Clothing haul and try on

30.   A Karaoke Jam with Friends

31.   Cook a new meal with friends/family

32.   Birthday vlog

33.   Birth of your Child vlog

34.   Face a Fear (fear of heights, snakes, rats)

35.   Volunteer Day

36.   A Confession (funny or serious)

37.   Meet my New Puppy (kitten, baby, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate)

38.   A TikTok Challenge with Friends (something that’s popular on TikTok)

39.   A YouTube Challenge with Friends (something that’s popular on YouTube)

40.   An Assumptions About Me video (based on comments from viewers)

41.   A Personal Development Challenge (wake up at 4AM for a week, read a new book each week, try quitting smoking for a day)

42.   A Debate Video (controversial or lighthearted topic with a friend, parent or significant other. Great for trending topics.)

43.   A Reflections video (reflect something about your life serious or lighthearted)

44.   This or That (look at Pinterest for ideas and you can make it fun)

45.   Would You Rather Questions (Would You Rather live in a world without hate or without hunger, live in a place that’s always hot or always cold)

46.   Comparison video (Ex. trying a $5 cheeseburger vs. a $30 cheeseburger or drug store make-up vs. department store make-up)

47.    Advice video (to your age group, fellow YouTubers, other business owners in your industry)

48.   Recreate viral TikTok video

49.   A Sleepover Party

50.   Collab with another vlogger


That’s it!

These vlog video ideas should keep you busy for awhile or at least inspire you for other video content.

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