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Prevent Dry Skin

Dry skin is a major drag.

Overall, I don’t have dry skin per se, but I admit the area on my body where I do experience an unpleasant case of dry skin is on my legs during the winter. I’m talking about the kind of dry skin that’s cracked, itchy, and patchy (and sometimes it bleeds).


Not to self diagnose myself, but I know it’s not a medical skin condition like eczema (besides, my sister is a doctor and she would have told me). Still, having dry skin is a bit of a nuisance that can be quite irritating.

To make matters worse, the water here in Southern California is really, really hard and it has a lot of chlorine in it (I mean…you can literally smell the chlorine in your drinking water!).

Since the main cause of dry skin is usually external due to a of lack of moisture, the only logical treatment was to make sure that my legs are always well moisturized by using a lotion with an emollient to prevent water evaporation.

To do this is real easy and it’s not necessary to use those expensive lotions on the market. Unless of course, you want to.

A simple bland lotion is all you need. If it’s a thick lotion, even better. Again, the key is the emollient in the lotion. Even if the lotion you have doesn’t have an emollient, you can add it yourself!

If you have dry skin, here is a thick lotion mixture I make to help seal back in moisture into my legs and prevent dryness. I also demonstrate the following products in the video at the end of this post, as well as show you how I use the lotion mixture to help prevent dry skin.


Products for Lotion Mixture to Prevent Dry Skin

1. A lotion (a thick one is preferable) or body cream. You can also use Shea butter too.
2. Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
3. Optional Cold Pressed Castor Oil (great for dry skin with healing benefits)


How to Prevent Dry Skin

1. Exfoliate with an easy DIY sugar scrub
2. Avoid showering in extreme hot water
3. After showering, dry your skin with a towel, but be sure your skin is damp and not completely dry
4. Always moisturize your skin with a thick lotion or body cream after taking a bath or shower
5. Re-apply a thick lotion throughout the day if your skin feels dry or itchy; especially during the cooler months

Remember, to help prevent dry skin, it’s best to apply the mixture on damp skin to help seal in moisture. Try this lotion mixture and see if it helps alleviate your dry skin.

It works!


Music for “Prevent Dry Skin” Video

Song: Epic·logu
Artist: Joe Bagale
Genre: Pop | Happy


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Thank you!



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