My Manifestation Morning Routine

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My Manifestation Morning Routine

how to manifest faster

Do you love morning routines?

Do you love learning about the law of attraction?

Here are two manifestation techniques that you can try as part of your morning routine before you start your day: visualizing and scripting law of attraction.

It’s sure to put you in a positive mood as you relish in the knowing that the Universe is working hard to bring you what you want!

So whether you wish to manifest your soulmate, money, a new job, or a buyer for your house, you can do it and easily learn how to release resistance using the second technique.


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My Manifestation Morning Routine


Nowadays, as soon as I wake up in the morning, I visualize and script in my journal book the desires I wish to manifest.

Although I never had much success with visualizing, I am trying something new where I ask my subconscious mind a question after waking up and then closing my eyes to visualize.

For example, say I want a Maserati Ghibli (which I do). While still in a dream like state, right before becoming fully conscious, I ask myself “What would my life look like if I owned a brand new Maserati Ghibli?

Then I would close my eyes and visualize a specific image or a mini movie scene where I already own the car of my dreams.

Cosmic philosopher and lecturer Neville Goddard calls this “living in the end.”

Meaning when we visualize, we should do it from a state as if what we want is happening now or has already happened, and to make sure to do it with feeling since this is a feeling Universe.

For instance, I would visualize…

“Me pulling up into my parking garage and parking my beautiful, gray Maserati in my parking spot. I turn off the ignition and reach over to the passenger side to grab my purse. Then I would pop open the trunk, climb out of my luxury car, and shut the door. I walk to the back of the car, grab the two grocery bags out of the trunk, and shut the trunk door. I alarm the car and stand by my Maserati for a few moments as I dig in my purse to find my house keys.

A woman who lives in my luxury complex walks by and comments “Wow, what a beautiful car!” I beam with glee and say “Thank you.” She tells me “Have a nice day,” and I respond “Same to you.” I stroll over to the elevator carrying my grocery bags and push the elevator button. Once the elevator arrives, I step inside and hit the button to the top floor. Right before the elevator door closes, I take one last glance at my Maserati and smile.”


I visualize for at least 17 seconds as I hear this is the amount of time needed for your subconscious mind to say “Got it!” Plus, I try to make my visualizations as part of my every day life so it seems authentic.

After I let the movie fade, I ask myself the question again “What would my life look like if…” for the next desire I wish to manifest. I repeat the entire visualization technique and play out a new mini movie in my head.

Here’s the process.

Visualization Routine

Step 1: Immediately after waking up, start visualizing.

Step 2: Ask yourself, “What would my life look like if…” (mention the thing you want to manifest). For example, “What would my life look like if I owned a brand new Maserati Ghibli?”

Step 3: Use the same image or mini movie scene every time you visualize. Don’t keep switching to a different image or scene. Also, be sure it’s the END RESULT of what you desire.

Step 4: Hold the image or play out the movie scene for at least 17 seconds. You can visualize longer, but it does not have to be longer than 5 minutes.

Step 5: Be sure to attach feeling to the visualization. SMILE 🙂


Not sure if my visualizations will work, but at least I feel really good playing out my desires as if I they were already accomplished.


My Manifestation Morning Routine

Scripting Law of Attraction

Now with scripting law of attraction, I have seen results!

Therefore, if you are someone who has had trouble with various visualization techniques in the past, have no fear! You can try scripting law of attraction to help bring your dreams to pass.

All you need for scripting is a journal or notebook, and a pen.

Once I finish visualizing, I sit up in my bed and grab my notebook that have sitting on my nightstand for easy access. From there, I start writing in my notebook where I usually start with “Dear Universe.”

I used to write the date, but that started to become too distracting, especially since I would write the date based off my current reality. This caused me to consciously think that my desire was not really here and so, I just skip writing the date.

As with visualizing, you want to script or write your manifestation from the end result as if it has already happened. Therefore, everything should be in the present tense.

Using the Maserati example…

“Dear Universe,

I am so happy and grateful for the fact that I now own a brand new Maserati Ghibli in gray. I LOVE my new car and I love how I feel and look in it whenever I take my car out for a spin. People always comment how beautiful my Maserati is and I see their eyes light up whenever they admire my car.

I love driving a Maserati because of its exclusivity. Not many people drive a Maserati, which is cool because I didn’t want a luxury car that everyone and their mother has like a Lexus, BMW, Tesla, or Infinity. I specifically wanted a car that stood out and exemplified “wealth and prosperity.”

I deserve having a new Maserati because I worked damn freaking hard to get it! I told myself I would buy myself a brand new Maserati only under two conditions:

  • I paid off all my student loans in full
  • I was earning the kind of money I wanted from the success of my YouTube channel, blog, and/or other endeavors working in the film industry.

Well,…I met both conditions!!!

I smiled so hard when I walked in the Maserati dealership to pick up my car. Of course the very next day I did a video on my new ride and I was so surprised how quickly my video went viral, especially considering I did a manifestation morning routine video where I mentioned visualizing and scripting for a brand new Maserati Ghibli.

INSANE, right?!!

I still have my VW Jetta, which is in excellent condition. I take great care of my Jetta and use this car to do my everyday errands. For auditions, arriving to production sets to work as crew or as principal talent, holiday outings, or to be featured in one of my videos or movies, I use my Maserati. Cool thing is I also to rent out my car to film sets and earn extra money from that. It’s pretty neat!

I am so happy with my Maserati Ghibli and I feel so proud to be able to treat myself to such a beautiful car!!!

Thank you Universe for my beautiful, brand new Maserati Ghibli! I love my car so much and I am so happy I was able to purchase the luxury car of my dreams and pay for it in full. Thank you Universe!”


Then, I just close my journal, ­­place it back on my nightstand, and go about my day. This part is called “letting go” and it’s a very important step in manifesting.

I try to write in my journal in the morning after waking up and in the evening right before bed.

However, there are some days that I don’t do scripting at all and I personally think this is a good thing because it can help with letting go, which can be hard for people when they first learn how to practice the law of attraction.

Here’s the scripting law of attraction process.

Scripting Routine

Step 1: Grab a journal or notebook, and a pen.

Step 2: Begin writing in your journal. You can start by saying “I am so happy and grateful now that…(fill in your desire). For example, “I am so happy and grateful now that I own a brand new Maserati Ghibli.” Write it in the present tense as if it is happening now or has already happened.

Step 3: When you finish writing in your journal, simply put it away and “let go” for the Universe to do its work.


That’s my manifestation morning routine with visualizing and scripting law of attraction. Try it!

I personally love scripting and as I mentioned, it works. Plus, it’s a great way to put your desires onto paper to easily express to the Universe what you want.

Happy manifesting!


My Manifestation Morning Routine

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