Movie Night Ideas-Concession Stand-3 Looks

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Movie Night Ideas-Concession Stand-3 Looks

Looking for some cheap entertainment? Have a movie night! Movie nights are great with family and friends.

Want to make your movie night even more enjoyable? Have fun with some movie night ideas like creating a theme (Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, the Oscars, Disney), a popcorn bar, or your own concession stand.

The movie night idea I used was for a concession stand where I created 3 easy looks. Try it on your next movie night! Listed below are the items I used in the video below to create simple concession stands.

Video included!


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Movie Night Ideas-Concession Stand-Bar Cart

1. Bar cart
2. DVD’s
3. Jar of Chocolates
4. Movie Slate
5. Popcorn Containers
6. Beverages
7. Popcorn


Movie Night Idea-Concession Stand-Carrier Caddy

1. Carrier Caddy
2. Box of Candy
3. Beverage
5. Popcorn


Movie Night Idea-Concession Stand-Buffet Table

1. Chips
2. Bowl of Popcorn
3. Bottled Water
4. Assorted Candies
5. Bowl of Chocolates
6. Signature Drink
7. Plastic Cups
8. Plastic Bowls
9. Napkins
10. Popcorn Containers
11. Tablecloth
*12. Dinner and a Movie: pizza and hot wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos


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