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Is the YouTube Algorithm Biased?

biased youtube algorithm

Do you watch YouTube videos?

Are you a YouTube content creator?

I am and there is some chit-chat in the YouTube Universe questioning whether or not “Is the YouTube Algorithm Biased?”

Watch my video until the end HERE to learn about my experience and the keywords I used to search on YouTube where I noticed something blatantly fishy going on.

Do your own search using the keywords mentioned in the video and leave in the comment section the results you got. I want to know!


Trying to Stay Motivated 

In no shape, way, or form is the intention of my video to attack white people or anything like that. This is NOT what this is about. So, please don’t leave any nasty comments.

This is against AI, but remember…it’s people who program AI.

In any event, don’t get it twisted.

I am not going to play victim because I’m going to still keep on pushin’ on and put out videos regardless of the YouTube 2018 algorithm change, the YouTube 2020 algorithm change, or any other algorithm changes coming in the future.

However, I know I have been feeling really frustrated about the super low viewership on my videos and I thought to myself that maybe it was me. I was the one who was not putting out good content and hence, the poor results.

Despite…following the tactics suggested from “YouTube experts” about how to grow your YouTube channel.

Still, something seemed off to me.


My Suspicions

So, on the fly I did a search on YouTube “Is the YouTube algorithm biased and I saw that I was NOT the only black YouTuber who felt this way or noticed something strange with the results of my channel.


WATCH THIS VIDEO from Clueless Tips to see the screenshots how the YouTube algorithm is biased.

Youtube Algorithm 2020 | Is YouTubes ALGORITHM RACIALLY BIAS?


Kelly Stamps, who is BLOWING UP on YouTube, talks about the discrimination on YouTube

The Truth About Being a YouTuber


Jenna Brown questions in her video “Why aren’t more black YouTubers super successful?”

The Problem with Black YouTubers


So it wasn’t just me! As a matter of fact…

Four African-American, female YouTube content creators filed a lawsuit against YouTube and Google in June 2020 accusing YouTube of discriminating against black content creators. You can read more about it HERE.

I agree with Jenna Brown though, when she discusses in her video how she would like to see more black female content creators do videos other than make-up, hair, and couple/relationship.


Besides, there is more to black women than shea butter and our hair.


I don’t do make-up.

I don’t do hair.

I am interested in doing more lifestyle videos, but I know that’s pretty broad.


Therefore, although I am not seeing the results I want, I am still going to make my videos because growing my YouTube channel is MY JOURNEY.

I refuse to allow the biased YouTube algorithm stop me from achieving my goals and creating the life I want.

Nevertheless, because I am still technically a small channel, I know I need to make some changes to help improve my channel growth.


How to Grow Your YouTube Channel-What I’ll Be Doing

Here’s what I’m going to start doing differently to help grow my channel and promote my videos more:

1. I will niche down a bit in the lifestyle space to do more videos about beauty, health, and inspiration geared towards women.

2. I finally have a message that I want to convey to my audience, which is “Enjoy Your Journey.” I will reference that message more in my videos and blog posts to build a community.

3. I will promote more on my social media accounts; especially Instagram. I have been ignoring growing my Instagram account because I was so concentrated on growing my YouTube channel.

Now I will promote my YouTube videos on IGTV and will do short storytelling videos on IG Stories.

4. I will be consistent about posting my videos on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 AM and will remind my audience with the majority of the videos about when I post (i.e. excluding vlogs)

5. I will show my IG handle @TanisaNadira throughout future videos, as well as have “Subscribe” as a CTA. Plus, I will make sure to remind viewers to click on the notification bell to be alerted when I put out new videos.

6. In order to retain viewer attention, I will have more pattern interrupts with sounds, music, funny clips, quicker cuts, visual storytelling, questions to the audience, etc.

7. I will focus more on my audience, rather than search engine optimization (SEO). Meaning, I will make more videos around “pain points” instead of keywords. Of course I will still use keywords for topic ideas, but my videos will be surrounded more on my niche topics.

8. I will keep improving my thumbnails with interesting text to peek viewer interest.

9. I will improve on making the first 15 seconds of my videos more captivating.

10. I will start working on building my email list and alerting my web subscribers of new videos.


Yes…this will be a journey and in line with my message, I want to enjoy the journey. Because otherwise, life stops being fun, right?

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

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