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How to Make a Cozy Bed

winter bed styling

Winter is a great time to make your bed super warm and cozy.

Best part of all, learning how to make a cozy bed that’s perfect enough to hibernate in until spring is simple to do that won’t break the bank.

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How to Make a Cozy Bed


bedroom styling

Mattress Topper

Step 1: Start with a Mattress Pad/Toppper

If you don’t have a pillow top mattress and you are currently not in the market to buy one, have no fear!

Simply add a mattress pad or topper to give you that extra plushness to your bed.

Adding a mattress pad or topper will increase the thickness of your bed, so you may need to get deep fitted sheets to ensure your sheets will fit properly over your mattress.

Step 2: Down Comforter

winter bed decor

Down Comforter

It’s all about having a warm down comforter when it comes to making a cozy bed for winter.

For that dream bed look, use an extra comforter.

You don’t necessarily have to sleep with two comforters, especially if you are the type to get really hot at night, but it will definitely make your bed look fluffier.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping or if it gets particularly cold in your room where you don’t necessarily want to heat up your entire home, using two comforters can help keep you warm.

Plus, the weight of the comforters can help improve the quality of your sleep, ease stress and anxiety, and calm your nervous system.

Step 3: Sheets

For a cozier bed, especially for winter, consider using flannel sheets instead of cotton or linen for a warmer and softer look.

cozy bed - flannel sheets

Flannel Sheets

If you wish to get festive, use holiday pattern sheets.

However, if you are looking for more of a clean or neutral look, stick with solid colors.

Step 4: Add a Throw Blanket

Faux Fur Throw - cozy bed decor

Faux Fur Throw

During the winter, nothing screams cozy like a faux fur throw blanket.

The aesthetic style alone is just divine!

You can have your faux fur draped across the bed like it was “thrown” on (hence…throw blanket-lol) or you can have it neatly folded and placed at the foot of your bed.

To create a cozy bed, use a faux fur blanket and a knitted blanket.

For this, I would have the faux fur blanket folded at the foot of my bed and then drape the knitted blanket across.

The two textures of the blankets will definitely make your bed look super comfy.

Step 5: Pillows

If you have extra pillows, use them! There’s no such thing as too many pillows when it comes to making a cozy bed.

dream bed styling

Weaved Euro Pillows


Still, in addition to using the standard queen size pillows, be sure to also use euro pillows. I personally feel it’s the euro pillows that make a bed look super plush, as well as luxurious.

However, don’t stop there. Add throw pillows to your bed too!

Think of throw pillows as the cherry on top for decorating a cozy bed since they are usually placed in front of your standard and euro pillows due to their decorative style.

I currently use three throw pillows and I mixed textures to give my bed more of a glamorous flair.

The design styles of throw pillows are endless and you can really make your bed look super inviting and of course, cozy.

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