How to Fix Short Curtains

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How to Fix Short Curtains

fix short curtains no sewing

I’m renting a small studio in a historic building that was built in the 1920’s. So, when I say my place gets hot in the summer…it gets HOT!

And when it gets cold…it get’s COLD! So, you know my bed has to be warm and cozy during the winter.

Anyhoo, I have only one small AC unit to cool down my 400 sq. ft. apartment during the summer months and quite frankly, it doesn’t cut it. Therefore, it was time to invest in some blackout curtains to help keep my studio bearable when it’s blistering hot outside here in southern California.

*I wish to be transparent with my viewers/readers. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the links and make a purchase I will be paid a small commission.

Selecting The Curtains

After searching high and low for curtains, I ordered ten (10) beautiful, velvet curtain panels in color Eden Green in size 50×96 (it turned out to be just room-darkening curtains, but I still was pleased with them).

How to fix short curtains no sewing or ironing

Before I made my purchase, I contemplated whether or not if I should order the curtains in size 50×108 (i.e. being cheap). However, since I was planning on ordering four (4) ceiling curtain rods, I felt it wasn’t necessary.

I was aiming for that dramatic floor-to-ceiling look and I was sure that the ceiling curtain rods would give me the extra length I needed.


I was still a foot short.


My Quest for How to Fix Short Curtains

I watched a few online videos on how to fix short curtains, but many had suggested unstitching the bottom of the curtains and extending the hem. Then you either had to re-sew the hem with a sewing machine, which by the way I do not have, or use iron hem tape and iron the excess hem together.

Honestly, to me both methods seemed like too much work and a huge hassle.

Remember, I ordered 10 curtain panels.

However, I did come across a video of a lady who used fishing barrel swivels to lengthen her curtains. Ahhh…now this could be the quick and easy solution I was looking for on how to fix short curtains!

Problem was, when I went to the sporting store to purchase them, they were not long enough.

Actually, they were really small in size and my short curtain problem persisted. Still, the lady’s idea to use fishing barrels swiveled got my brain going.

Then it finally it hit me.

Ring curtain clips!

Ring Curtain Clips - How to fix short curtains

Ring Curtain Clips

Easily Solve How to Fix Short Curtains

I quickly ordered a pack of 100 ring curtain clips from Amazon and hired a handyman to help me put up the ceiling curtain rods.

After the rods were up and I tested out one of the curtain panels with the ring curtain clips, lo and behold…still TOO short!

The curtains were 2 ½ inches shy from the floor.

While I didn’t want the curtains to puddle on the floor, I did want them to barely touch it. Of course my sister insisted that the curtains hanging almost 3 inches from the floor looked fine, but trust me, it didn’t.

After a couple of days it dawned on me.

Why not attach two rings clips together? The external length of the ring clip was 1.78 inches. Multiply that by two and that’s 3.56 inches.

I got my extra 2 ½ inches!

how to fix short curtains no sew

Once again, I tested out a curtain panel with the doubled ring clips and I achieved the look I was going for.

So, with the ceiling curtain rods and the two attached ring curtain clips, I was able to get the extra 12 inches I needed to have the curtains just touch the floor.

If you are looking for solutions on how to fix short curtains AND you don’t want to be bothered with unstitching hems, re-sewing and/or ironing them, do this:

  1. Use ceiling curtain rods if you haven’t bought the hardware yet
  2. Use ring curtain clips (I ordered the 1.5 inch ones and later had to order another pack)
  3. Double the ring curtain clips if you find the curtains are still a bit short

Easy peasy!

How to fix short curtains no ironing

I love my new curtains and best of all, I get the “WOW” factor from my guests. Mission accomplished!

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