How to Grow Your Nails with Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus

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How to Grow Your Nails with Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus

Want to know how to grow your nails? Why not give “Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus” a try!

I tried Nailtiques before, but I used Nailtiques Formula 2. I grew some of my nails, but they all ending up breaking and peeling again.

However, I really wanted to figure out “how to grow your nails” so I decided to give Nailtiques another try.  That’s when I bought the Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, but funny enough, I didn’t realize it was different from the bottle I previously bought.

OMG…I couldn’t believe it! I finally was able to grow my nails!


My twin sister was so shocked at my results that she wanted to grow her nails long too, so she went out and bought herself a bottle.

How to Grow Your Nails

how to grow your nailsNow…I did do a few other things that I “think” helped to contribute to my nail growth.

For instance, after washing my hands, I always made sure I moisturized them with a thick lotion or used petroleum jelly where I concentrated on my cuticles.

Secondly, a few times per week I would moisturize my hands with olive oil (again concentrating on my cuticles) and cover them with an old pair of socks. I went to bed with the socks on my hands and slept like that throughout the night, but you can just as easily have them covered for 15-30 minutes each day if you like.

Keeping your cuticles well moisturized is a huge factor if you want to learn how to grow your nails.

Lastly, I started taking two chewable multi-vitamins for women per day and two daily tablets of Vitamin C. Not sure if it helped, but I recently started taking the supplements around the same time I started using the Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus.

Overall, I’ve had GREAT results!

If you have trouble growing your nails and want to use a nail treatment formula that really works, I say give the Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus a try.

Got some free time?

Watch my full review of the Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus in the video below.

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