Her Fit Club Subscription Box Review

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March 19, 2018
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Her Fit Club Subscription Box Review

Ever heard 0f Her Fit Club Subscription Box?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, you’re a fitness enthusiast, or you exercise for general health, who can’t use a new fitness outfit to get motivated to workout?

While I am not exactly a fan of working out, I do it because I want to maintain my current weight, and stay fit and healthy.

So when I workout, I usually just throw on a pair of shorts and any old T-shirt I can find in my dresser.

Yeah…to say the least, I don’t look very flattering when I exercise. Add to the fact that I don’t do my hair when I workout, you can pretty much guess I look BUSTED when I exercise.



My Discovery of Her Fit Club Subscription Box 

One day, I was checking out several subscription boxes on Cratejoy when I came across the Her Fit Club subscription box. Intrigued by the idea of getting a new fitness outfit every month, I was really interested in trying out this subscription box.

The clothing looked bright and appealing in the photos, the reviews were positive, and there were 5 different membership levels to choose from.

How many subscription boxes have different membership levels???

Not many, which is why I decided to give this box a try and see how I like it. Besides, who can beat $28.99 for a new workout outfit with the Mini Fashion FitBox?

Works for me!

All I had to do was select the membership level I wanted, which was the Mini Fashion FitBox, answer a few questions to personalize my box, and boom…I was all set.

One cool thing about Her Fit Club Subscription box, when you place an order, a box for that month is shipped out within 1-2 business by priority mail.

Not bad (me nodding my head approvingly).



Unlike many other subscription boxes, if you miss the deadline for that month’s box, you have to wait until the following month to receive your order.

So as promised, my order was immediately shipped and I received my Mini Fashion FitBox within a few days. As soon as I got the Her Fit Club subscription box, I immediately ripped the package open (hehe)!

I love getting “gifts” in the mail. What can I say?


Inside Her Fit Club Subscription Box

BOY was I surprised of the items I got in my Mini Fashion FitBox! I got:

  • A bath bomb (beauty product)
  • Fitness gloves (fitness gear)
  • A white pullover hoodie (fitness apparel)
  • Leggings (fitness apparel)
  • Bracelet (accessory)

Again, not too shabby for $28.99.

All the items were really great and the clothing fit perfectly (smile).

Another cool thing about Her Fit Club subscription box, if there is an item that you don’t like or doesn’t fit, you can exchange that item and get something else as long as it is not worn, damaged, or have any scents.

If you want to try out Her Fit Club subscription box, you have the option to select one of the membership levels that’s best for you. A description of what’s included in the box is provided when you make your selection. Here’s the pricing of the different membership levels:

Mini Fashion FitBox-$28.99 (the one I tried)

Fashion FitBox-$54.99

Beauty FitBox-$64.99

Move FitBox-$74.99

Premiere FitBox-$149.99


If you know of someone who avidly workouts and would love a subscription box of fitness apparel every month, Her Fit Club subscription box would make a great gift!

Want to actually see what I got?

Then check out my review video below of Her Fit Club subscription box at the end of this post.


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Thank you!


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My verdict of Her Fit Club Subscription Box: 05:38






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