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Who Am I?


My name is Tanisa Nadira and I’m a pet mom to my Maltipoo CeCe, a YouTube Creator, and inspiring filmmaker and actress. 

Originally, I created this website to help showcase my videos on YouTube.

At the time, I had no idea one could make a full-time living making YouTube videos, let alone make millions of dollars.

Well, I want that to happen for me too!

Or…at the very least, create a monthly income that will afford me the type of lifestyle I wish to live.


The Beginning

I’m from Brooklyn, NY and it has always been my dream to go to film school, live in California, and act and work in film.

I tried getting into the film program at my school at Syracuse University, but it didn’t work out.

“Oh well,” I thought and basically gave up on the dream of going to film school or ever living in CA.


Then one day while living in FL, I came across a website about The Los Angeles Film School.

The opportunity presented itself to finally make my dream come true and in 2006, I was able to move to Los Angeles, CA and go to film school right in the middle of Hollywood!!!

After graduating in 2007, I began freelancing on productions sets where I got to work on and in films, television, and commercials. 

I loved it!

However, on top of my student loans from college, I also now had student loans from film school.

I am SERIOUSLY in debt! 


Film Hiatus

In 2013, my twin sister Tosha, who is a medical doctor, opened up a medical clinic and I stopped working in the film industry for 5 years to help out with her business.

At first the steady paycheck was nice, but after awhile, I found myself not happy at my job and yearning to get back into film.

I would watch YouTube videos all the time and I thought to myself, “Wait a minute. I can make a video too!”

So one day I picked up a small pocket camera, I shot my first video, and I uploaded it onto YouTube.

I now officially had a YouTube channel!



New Focus

At the end of 2018, my sister decided she wanted to close her medical office and pursue other endeavors. 


Because I really wanted to have a career in film. 

Problem was, for years I chased crappy jobs just to be able to pay my student loans, bills, and rent.

I realized I was seriously in debt, I was unhappy, and overall, I just wasn’t happy.

Now that I changed the direction of my YouTube channel and blog to be about lifestyle, I’ve decided I’m going to create the life I want, and become financially free and financially independent. 

My new motto…

“Live Your Life Honey…And Enjoy The Journey.”




The Journey

At this point in my life, I’m focused on paying off my students loans fast, building wealth, and creating financial security.

However, I still want to have nice things, travel more, and try new experiences too!

Therefore, while this is a lifestyle blog, I want to inspire women to enjoy their journey, live healthier, and be more financially savvy. 

Your dreams, desires, and goals are going to be different from mine, but no matter what they are, be sure to live your life and enjoy your journey every step of the way! 

Feel free to read some of my blog posts and watch some videos. Plus, consider subscribing and find me through my social media pages.


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