DIY Vanity Tray Easy Decorating Ideas 3 Looks

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June 25, 2016
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June 25, 2016
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DIY Vanity Tray Easy Decorating Ideas 3 Looks

Want to create a cool idea for your vanity tray?

Below is a list of items I used to easily create three DIY Vanity Tray decorating ideas. The video below will show you the vanity tray looks. You can style a vanity tray to display on your bedroom dresser, in your bathroom, or on a shelf in your walk-in closet.


DIY Vanity Tray Decorating Idea 1: Crystal Perfume Bottles

1.  Oval Tray
2. Crystal perfume bottles
3. Flower
4. Jewelry

DIY Vanity Tray Decorating Idea 2: Candles and Flower

1. Mirror Tray
2. 2 LED Candles
3. Small vase
4. Flower
5. Clear beads

DIY Vanity Tray Decorating Idea 3: Manicure Station

1. Rectangular Tray
2. 2 Apothecary jars
3. Nail polish
4. Cotton balls
5. Manicure set


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