DIY Spa Day at Home: Dry Body Brushing

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March 11, 2019
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DIY Spa Day at Home: Dry Body Brushing

Who doesn’t love a DIY spa day at home?

It’s super fun, relaxing, and best of all…affordable!

In the ” DIY Spa Day at Home: Dry Body Brushing” video below, my twin sister Tosha demonstrates how simple it is to do dry body brushing.

If you never tried dry body brushing before, it’s a method using a 100% natural dry bristle brush that you use to massage your entire body.

Many people swear by dry body brushing and there are some great benefits from doing this DIY spa day at home. If you want to see a demonstration on exactly how to do dry body brushing, be sure to watch the video at the end of this post.

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What is Dry Body Brushing?

Think of dry body brushing as a detox for your body. It’s simple to do by using a dry scrub brush, preferably one that is 100% natural, and taking that brush to massage your body starting at your feet and moving up towards your head (unless you have a separate dry brush that’s specific for the face, exclude this area).

Try to avoid the synthetic brushes if you can and stick to the ones that say 100% natural. You can either purchase a dry body brush with a handle, which makes it easier to get to those hard to reach areas like your back, or you can buy a hand held one.




What are the Benefits of Dry Body Brushing?

Lymphatic System: Your lymphatic system is what moves the blood throughout the body, which circulates three times every minute. Dry body brushing helps to encourage lymphatic drainage, so that the body can remove metabolic waste from the blood.

Smaller Pores: When you do dry body brushing daily, this can help give you the appearance of smaller pores, thus making your skin look firmer and toned.  

Exfoliation: You don’t only have to use body scrubs (although very nice) to exfoliate. The firm bristles from a dry brush is just as effective for exfoliation to help rid the body of dead skin cells. Not only will this give you softer skin, but exfoliation can aid in skin renewal for that beautiful, natural glow. Plus, who doesn’t want baby soft skin?

Reduces Cellulite: Nobody likes cellulite, right? Therefore, forget the lotions, creams, and fad diets that claim to help you get rid of cellulite and try dry body brushing instead. The firm circulation over your legs and thighs can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, which is nothing more than accumulated waste in the fat cells. With regular use, dry body brushing can help the skin look smoother because the fat cells are distributed more evenly under the skin.


How to do Dry Body Brushing?

Now for the fun part!

In the morning before a shower, take your dry brush and start at one foot. Begin massaging your foot using firm, circular strokes. Continue to do this moving up your leg, and then the thigh and bum area.

You will notice that the skin will become red, but not to worry. This is just the blood under the skin getting invigorated due to the circulation. As you perform dry body brushing regularly, you can add a little more pressure.

After you completed your entire leg area, start on the other foot and repeat the process.

Afterwards, take your dry brush and massage over your belly in the direction of your digestive system using the same circular movements.

Move up your chest area and then move onto your back (this is where having a brush with a handle comes in handy).

Once that is completed, start with one hand and again, massage over your hand using firm strokes. Move up your arm and then over your shoulder (don’t forget the elbows). Repeat the process on the other hand.

The last step of dry body brushing is your neck.

Take your dry brush and gently stroke up your neck towards your face. However, do not use on your face. If you want to do dry body brushing over your face, it’s best to buy a separate bristle brush that’s specific for the face.

To see how it’s all done, take a few moments to watch the video as my sister shows you exactly how to do dry body brushing.

If you can, try to do dry body brushing daily to get the best results. After about 6 months, buy a new dry brush.

Not only is this DIY spa day at home treatment beneficial for your body, pampering your skin every morning with dry body brushing is a great self-care idea to start your day


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