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January 13, 2018
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DIY Decanter Tags

Do you have a home bar?

Do you have crystal decanters?

But…you need some decanter tags??

Crystal decanters look AMAZING on you home bar, don’t they? They look even more amazing, plus very sophisticated, when they are draped with decanter tags.

However, why spend a bunch of money for decanter tags when you can make your own DIY decanter tags? I’ve seen decanter tags as much as $75. That’s a lot!

If you love home decor as much as I do, but you need to decorate on a budget, getting creative to achieve the look you want for your home or home office is key.


While there are certainly many affordable decanter tags out there that you can buy, you may find that the tags don’t exactly fit the style you’re looking for. For instance, I wanted decanter tags that were a little more feminine with some BLING (lol).

So, instead of purchasing decanter tags that I considered to be a bit plain and too masculine, I decided to make my own.

In the quick video below, I’ll show you how you can make decanter tags for your crystal decanters and save a bunch money. It’s super easy and so simple to do that I wonder why I didn’t think of making my own decanter tags before.

Now for these DIY decanter tags, I just used rhinestone letter necklace pendants in a silver tone. However, you can use whatever style of letter necklace pendants and color tones you like.

If you really want to personalize your DIY decanter tags to your taste and style, you can add other charms to the chain to create a unique look (i.e. a seashell charm and seahorse charm if your home as a coastal/seashore theme).

I purchased the necklace pendants and chains wholesale in downtown Los Angeles at the jewelry district.

Every piece only cost me $1 and I bought three letter pendants and three chains. So, the total cost of everything was less that $7 with tax.

That’s a huge savings, even if I had purchased one of the more affordable decanter tags!

If you need decanter tags for your home bar and you’re feeling a little creative, I say give this project a try.


Things You’ll Need  for the “DIY Decanter Tags”

1. Letter Pendants (you can make as many as you like):

“B” for Brandy
“B” for Bourbon
“G” of Gin
“R” for Rum
“S” for Scotch
“S” for Sherry
“T” for Tequila
“V” Vodka
“W” for Whiskey

2. Long necklace chains

3. Crystal decanters


Music for “DIY Decanter Tags” Video

Track: Jazz In Paris
Artist: Media Right Productions
Genre: Jazz & Blues | Funky
Duration: 1:42


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