DIY Book Gift Basket Tutorial

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February 21, 2018
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DIY Book Gift Basket Tutorial

Gift baskets make great gifts. However, gift baskets are especially great if you can make them yourself.

Why not do your own DIY gift basket and give a book gift basket to that special someone in your life?

In the video below, I show you how you can make an easy DIY gift basket using books.

This is an excellent idea for little kids to help encourage them to read, avid book lovers who want to read that next bestseller, or for a new mom-to-be who would love to start a library for her new baby.

So, for that next holiday, birthday, or baby shower, instead of buying a gift basket, make your own DIY gift basket of books.

Making a DIY gift basket does not have to be expensive at all. As a matter of fact, many of the items used in the DIY Book Gift Basket video you can purchase at your local The Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or $.99 Cent Only Store.

Not only is a DIY gift basket fun to make and super inexpensive, but best of all, it’s personal gift from you made with love!


Items Included in the “DIY Book Gift Basket Tutorial”

1. Reading Coloring Books
2. Addition and subtraction activity book
3. A big story/reading book
4. Activity diary book (or a journal)
5. Reading level books
6. Notepad
7. Bookmark
8. Addition and subtraction flash cards
9. Word Search activity book
10. Puzzle
11. Travel mug
12. Throw blanket
13. Stuffed animal reading buddy
14. Wicker Gift Basket, plastic/laundry basket, or decorative box


Ideas for a Book Lover’s Book Gift Basket

1. Popular best seller books
2. Bookmark
3. Coffee Mug, Teacup with saucer set, or travel mug
4. Decorative Stationary Paper
5. Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku, or Word Search activity book
6. Writing ball pen
7. Hot Coco, tea, or coffee beans/ground coffee beans
8. Slippers
9. Throw blanket
10. Wicker basket or decorative box


Ideas for New Moms (Baby Shower) Book Gift Basket

1. Popular baby books
2. Journal/diary for Mom-to-be
3. Baby photo album
4. Baby blanket
5. Stuffed animal
6. Board books
7. Disney Classics DVDs (i.e. Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi)
8. Picture frame
9. Music CDs for babies
10. Wicker basket, decorative box, or baby bath tub


Music for the video “DIY Book Gift Basket Tutorial”

Artist: Silent Partner
Song: Summer Smile
Genre: Pop| Bright
Duration: 1:52


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