Decorating with House Plants

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September 28, 2021
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Decorating with House Plants

Are you a plant mama or daddy?

My twin sister is suddenly into plants and now she has over forty (40) of them in her home. The crazy thing is, she is not done yet. She still has a list of other plants she wants to buy and that list keeps growing and growing.

I never really considered myself a plant person, but as my sister grows her collecting of house plants, so am I! I proudly now have twelve (12) plants.

Nothing special or anything (some people I hear have over 300!) but enough to where I’m thinking that now I may be officially a “plant mom” in addition to being a “dog mom” to my four year old Maltipoo.

My twin sister and I love to go down to the flower district here in Los Angeles. You can buy plants so much cheaper than visiting your local plant shop or even nursery.

I must say, decorating with plants does add a little something special to your space. House plants really do brighten up a room and I personally think they are great for the soul too.

Plus, they are healthy for you because plants clean the air!

What’s more, plant care is a great self-care activity. It’s very calming and relaxing to care for your green babies.

boho decor style

I just recently moved and so, I’m still decorating my place.

I’m shooting for more of a bohemian + eclectic décor style. If you have ever seen boho style décor, plants are a huge staple that make up the whole natural, down-to-earth bohemian vibe.

That said, I plan to buy planters that have earth tone colors like white, beige, brown, gray, and green.

However, since I also want to integrate some eclectic décor style into my home (think colors like mustard, fuchsia, lime green, burnt orange, and teal), I am down to buy planters that are bold in color too!

As they say, “Don’t be afraid of color.”

boho decor with plants

Decorating my place in addition to decorating with plants will be a slow process for me because I really want to have a décor style that stands out now that I live in a 400 square foot studio. I have already moved four (4) times within the past three (3) years and quite frankly…I’m tired.


So, although my place is small and this the first time I’m renting a studio, I really want to go big and bold with my décor.

Therefore, the challenge is to figure out where I am going to put some of my future plants. I’m thinking about getting a tree like a palm tree, Bird of Paradise, or Fiddle-leaf fig tree (so gorgeous).

I’m here for it! I am going for BIG STYLE despite my small living space 🙂






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