Coffee Table Styling Ideas – 3 Looks

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June 25, 2016
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Coffee Table Styling Ideas – 3 Looks

The video below should give you some inspiration to create “coffee table styling ideas.”

How to style a coffee table is easier than you think. Best of all, you have most of the décor items you need already in your home to accessorize your coffee table.

Try one of these coffee table styling ideas or create a look using some basic décor items like flowers, a decorative piece like a figurine, and some candles.

Below are some item ideas that you can use to decorate your coffee table. Whether you have a small coffee table or a large one, you can create a looks that best suits you and your home.


Coffee Table Styling Ideas Items

Mix and match any of the suggested items. You can change up your coffee table styling based on how you feel, by season, or by holiday!

  1. Serving tray (glass, wood, silver, gold, wicker)
  2. Candles and candle holders (great for grouping and you can vary in height)
  3. Stack of coffee table books (fashion books are chic and stylish)
  4. Figurines (i.e. African figurines, horse figurine, bust of a head)
  5. Picture frames
  6. Fresh or artificial flowers in vase (tall or short)
  7. Potted plants (succulents are popular)
  8. Decorative objects or sphere (think magnifying glass, a large decorative key, or seashell)
  9. Lanterns
  10. Globe
  11. Apothecary jars
  12. Decorative bowl
  13. Decorative box or Jewelry box (perfect to hide remote controls)
  14. Crystal decanters (lovely for a sitting room)
  15. Decorative clock
  16. Drink coasters
  17. Seasonal items (Christmas ornament balls, Easter Bunny figurine, Halloween decor items)
  18. Candy dish (fill with hard candy, chocolates, or mints)
  19. Magazines (home, garden, and architect magazines are great)
  20. Photo album (get those pictures off your cell phone and print them out!)


Discount Stores to Buy Items for your Coffee Table Styling

If you prefer to purchase some new items to decorate your coffee table, I recommend checking out some discount stores like:

  1. Ross
  2. TJMaxx
  3. Home Goods
  4. Marshall’s
  5. Target
  6. The $99 Cent Only Store
  7. The Dollar Tree


You can find some great deals and save money at these stores. Plus, discount stores are PERFECT if you love to change up your home according to season or the holidays.


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Check out the video below to see how I created simple coffee table styling ideas using items I already have. If you liked my “Coffee Table Styling Ideas” video, please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and hit the “Like” button.


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