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Who Am I?

My name is Tanisa Nadira and I’m a YouTube lifestyle vlogger, digital content creator, and filmmaker.

I realized that my student loans are emotionally and financially affecting me where I am not enjoying my life. I decided to change that and I did some research to clearly understand exactly how I wanted to live. 

What I discovered was that I wanted to live a thrilling or adventurous lifestyle inspired by Thrillist, an online magazine.  

Plus, I want to turn my thrilling experiences into a lifestyle business where I can do what I love AND earn an income from it.

If you feel like your are stuck in a rut, you want to change your life, or you want to improve some areas of your life, I think understanding “how” you want to live can make the journey easier.

Check out my blog post 25 Lifestyle Ideas to Design Your Life to see which way of living best suits you. 

Also, I invite you to to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel for more videos about how to design the life you love and to see how I am making the most of every day living.


“Live your life, honey…and enjoy the journey.”


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