50 Vlogmas Video Ideas

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October 9, 2020
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January 14, 2021
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50 Vlogmas Video Ideas

YouTube Channel Ideas Beginner

Have a YouTube channel?

Why not do a vlogmas challenge where you upload a video every day during the month of December until Christmas Day?

This will be my first year attempting the vlogmas challenge and it should be fun.

If you would like to shoot some vlog videos for your channel this Christmas, here are 50 vlogmas video ideas + 25 BOUNUS ideas. Video included at the end of this post!

Be sure to check out these other YouTube video ideas.

Happy Filming!


50 Vlogmas Video Ideas

  1. 25, 50, 100 Vlogmas Video Ideas
  2. Pamper Me Spa Day Christmas Edition
  3. Come Christmas Tree Shopping with Me
  4. Christmas Décor Haul
  5. Decorating the Christmas Tree
  6. Trying Holiday Hot Chocolates
  7. Stocking Gift Ideas
  8. Gift Ideas (for men, women, kids, BFF, etc)
  9. Christmas Signature Cocktail Ideas
  10. Christmas Mocktail Ideas
  11. Christmas Money Saving Tips
  12. How to Be Festive During Apocalypse 2020 / During Covid-19 Christmas
  13. Holiday Bed Décor
  14. Winter Skincare Essentials
  15. Holiday Favorites
  16. Christmas Caroling Vlog
  17. 5 Things I Love About the Holidays
  18. 5 Things I Hate About the Holidays
  19. Come Gift Shopping with Me
  20. My Christmas Wishlist
  21. Ugly Sweater Contest Vlog
  22. Holiday Storytime (Funny, Horror Story, Crazy Story)
  23. Winter Bucket List
  24. GRWM Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
  25. Christmas Make-up Tutorial
  26. Christmas Nail Décor or Tutorial
  27. Holiday Morning Routine
  28. Holiday Night Routine
  29. Decorating My Room for the Holidays
  30. Decorating My House for the Holidays
  31. Christmas Room Tour
  32. Christmas House Tours
  33. DIY Christmas Ornaments
  34. DIY Christmas Gifts
  35. Christmas Lookbook
  36. My Favorite Christmas Traditions
  37. What I Got for Christmas
  38. DIY Christmas Wreath
  39. Holiday Hairstyles
  40. Holiday Travel Vlog
  41. Christmas Give Away
  42. Christmas Give Away Ideas
  43. Christmas Expectations Vs. Reality
  44. A Christmas Skit
  45. DIY Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids
  46. Christmas Party Tips
  47. Christmas Party Game Ideas
  48. Christmas Party Vlog
  49. Prank Gifts Exchange Vlogs
  50. Christmas Gifts Exchange Vlog

25 MORE Vlogmas Video Ideas

  1. Christmas Q&A (Christmas related questions)
  2. Day in the Life Christmas Edition
  3. Things to Do for Winter
  4. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  5. DIY Hot Chocolate
  6. DIY Christmas Bar cart Decor
  7. DIY Hygee Christmas/Winter Vlog
  8. Winter Pajama Haul
  9. My Favorite Christmas Movie of All Time
  10. DIY Holiday Food Wreath
  11. December Favorites
  12. Christmas Sleep Over
  13. Christmas/Holiday Must Haves
  14. Holiday Make-Up Haul
  15. What I Bought Myself For Christmas
  16. Unboxing Video (new purse, shoes, cell phone, camera, etc.)
  17. What I Got My ____ for Christmas (boyfriend/husband/mom/dad/kids)
  18. What I got My Dog for Christmas
  19. Holiday Stress Relief Routine
  20. Tips How to Deal with Holiday Stress
  21. Christmas Movies Recommendations
  22. Holiday Gift Ideas for Host/Hostess
  23. Holiday Nail Color Collection
  24. Holiday Lip Color Collection
  25. Favorite Holiday Bedtime Stories for Kids


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