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50 Self-Care Ideas

daily self care ideas

As you travel along your journey to achieve your dreams and goals, don’t forget to take some time out to practice a little self-care.

I also did a video that you can watch on my YouTube channel.

Most may not realize it, but self-care is really important for your overall mental, physical, and social health.

Therefore, on your downtime from taking a break from your journey, do a little bit of self-care and be sure to practice self-care every day.

Below are 50 self-care ideas that are fun, easy, and relaxing to do!

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50 Self-Care Ideas

1.       Go for a walk

2.       Call a friend or family member

3.       Dance around to your favorite song

4.       Journal or do scripting

5.       Take a bubbles bath

6.       Eat a healthy meal

7.       Read a book

8.       Give yourself a foot massage

9.       Give yourself a mani and a pedi

10.   Exercise

11.   Meditate

12.   Light a candle

13.   Stretch

14.   Watch your favorite comedy show or movie

15.   Take a nap

16.   Listen to relaxing music

17.   Create a vision board

18.   Watch an inspirational video

19.   Listen to a motivational video

20.   Draw or color in a coloring book

21.   Try a DIY project

22.   Write affirmations

23.   Unplug from your computer and cell phone

24.   Buy yourself fresh flowers

25.   Do a spa day at home

26.   Drink 8 glasses of water

27.   Give yourself a facial

28.   Play mind challenging games

29.   Try balancing training exercises

30.   Do yoga

31.   Do Pilates

32.   Go for a swim

33.   Relax in a hot tub

34.   Ride a bicycle

35.   Catch up with a friend

36.   Do deep breathing exercises

37.   Try a new activity

38.   Give yourself a hair mask treatment

39.   Enjoy a glass of wine

40.   Go on a getaway trip

41.   Learn a new skill

42.   Spend time in nature

43.   Take a painting class

44.   Declutter your home

45.   Sleep in

46.   Make love

47.   Watch the sunrise and/or sunset

48.   Play with your pet and/or kids

49.   Go to bed early and/or wake up early

50.   Write a gratitude list

Those are your 50 self-care ideas for you to try. Which one is your favorite?

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