30 Vlog Channel Ideas

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November 10, 2020
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30 Vlog Channel Ideas

vlogging video ideas

Vlogging is super popular these days and it’s a great niche if you are looking to start a YouTube channel.

Of course you can vlog on just about anything and everything, but it you want to niche down even further, below is a list of 30 vlog “channel” ideas to help inspire you.

This is a list for vlog channel ideas.

Not “vlog video ideas.”

The vlog channel ideas in this post can help your viewers understand the overall theme of your content.

However, just because your vlog channel idea is about your weight loss journey for example, that does not mean that you can’t vlog about your trip to Hawaii.

Of course you can!

As a matter of fact, you can film vlog videos about your trip to Hawaii around your weight loss journey. For instance, you can vlog about:

  • healthy meal ideas while on vacation
  • workout routines on the beach
  • portable snack ideas while exploring Hawaii

Get creative and have fun. It’s your vlog channel.

Be sure to watch my video “3o Vlog Channel Ideas” at the end of this post! Plus, watch my video, “Attempting to Vlog like Casey Neistat


30 Vlog Channel Ideas

  1. Single and Dating
  2. The College Experience
  3. Weight Loss Journey
  4. Having a Baby/Adopting a Child
  5. Living on My Own in______ (a big city like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.)
  6. Mom Vlogs
  7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Vlog
  8. Family Vlog
  9. Travel Vlogs
  10. Pet Parent Vlogs (dog, cat, miniature pig, monkey)
  11. Pranks
  12. Beauty
  13. Fashion
  14. Product Reviews
  15. Extreme Sports Videos (hot vlog idea that will attract extreme sports lovers)
  16. Healthy Lifestyle
  17. Fitness Lifestyle
  18. Bucket List Vlog (vlog on everything you want to try or experience)
  19. Divorce Vlog
  20. Cooking Vlog
  21. Minimalism Lifestyle
  22. F.I.R.E.
  23. Vegan Lifestyle
  24. Gaming
  25. Life as a_______ (stripper, race car driver, surfer, ballerina, recovering alcoholic, etc.)
  26. Commentary (news events, celebrity gossip, rants)
  27. Financial Freedom Vlog (show how you spend your money, save, invest, pay off debt)
  28. Foodie Vlog (you can go around trying different foods from restaurants or attempting to cook your own from recipes)
  29. Motivational Vlog
  30. Achieve a Goal (if you have a specific goal, vlog about trying to achieve it. Or you can set a new goal to achieve every month, quarter, or year)

*BONUS: 31. Lifestyle vlog where you like to do a little bit of everything.


These are just a few vlog channel ideas to help get you started. If anything, I hope this list helps to inspire you to come up with other vlogging niche ideas for your channel.

Once you figure out what you want your channel to be about, coming up with vlog video ideas should be a breeze.

Remember, it’s your vlog and at the end of the day, you can vlog about whatever your want.

Happy vlogging!


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