3 Green Smoothie Recipes

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3 Green Smoothie Recipes

green detox smoothie recipes

I love smoothies!

I usually drink a smoothie in the morning for breakfast or after a workout.

Naturally, I always try to aim to make a healthy smoothie that’s good for my body, but also good for my skin since I am prone to acne.

Therefore, whether you want to drink green smoothies to help detox your body, clear your skin, or to lose weight, the three green smoothie recipes below can help!

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Get Clear Skin with Dairy Free Smoothies

Drinking smoothies definitely helped play a part in clearing up my acne; especially when I was starting to break out with cystic acne.

Consequently, one of the changes I did with my smoothies was eliminate dairy. That meant no more using milk or using yogurt.

Also, when I use a protein powder in my smoothies, I make sure to use one that is lactose-free.

The brand I used in my “3 Green Smoothie Recipes” video is from Isopure and it is low carb, keto friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and diary-free.


dairy free protein powder

Isopure 100% Whey Protein Isolate: Creamy Vanilla


Of course, to clear my skin of cystic acne, I had to make changes to my diet overall, plus make changes to my skincare routine too.

Either way, drinking lactose-free smoothies really made a difference and I finally cleared my skin!


Green Smoothie Recipes

The following three green smoothie recipes used spinach as it’s base.

However, you can also use kale, green leaf lettuce, or romaine lettuce, in addition to using “green” fruits like cucumber, green apples, avocado, etc.


Green Smoothie #1

1 cup Almond Milk

1 cup of Spinach

½ Ripe Avocado

¼ cup of Pineapple

¼ cup of Mango

Dash of Cinnamon

½ cup of Ice


Green Smoothie #2

½ cup Water

½ Lemon or Lime (you can use a whole one if you like)

1 cup of Spinach

1 Whole Apple (green if you have)

1 Banana

1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

Dash of Cinnamon

½ cup of Ice


Green Smoothie #3

½ cup of Almond Milk

1 cup of Spinach

1 Banana

1 cup of Frozen Pineapple

1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

Dash of Cinnamon

½ cup of Ice


Whichever green smoothie recipe you choose, simply add all the ingredients to your blender and blend really well. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Watch my video on how I make the healthy green smoothies!


green smoothie recipes for weight loss

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base


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