25 Lifestyle Ideas to Design Your Life

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December 21, 2021
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25 Lifestyle Ideas to Design Your Life

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I am sure you have heard of the following statements when it comes to doing something different with your life:

change your life

improve your life

live your best life

become the best version of yourself

create the life of your dreams

…and others.

Whichever declaration resonates with you is totally fine.

However, I feel a better approach would be to ask yourself “What kind of lifestyle do I want?”

If you can understand what type of lifestyle you are aiming for, cultivating your desired life design can be more achievable because it gives you clarity about the way you want to live as opposed to a generic saying like “change your life.”

Change your life how, exactly?

At least the 25 lifestyle ideas below can be used as a guideline to help you easily identify the dream life you are searching for.

The list is not at all inclusive, but these lifestyles are currently really popular.

If anything, you can always take aspects from different lifestyles to cultivate a way of living that’s tailored to fit your values and needs.


25 Lifestyle Ideas

  1. Intentional Living

This is a lifestyle idea you see all over Pinterest and YouTube.

The concept is that you are very intentional about what you are doing where you ask yourself “why” about every choice you make.

For example, “why are you eating this meal?” or “why are you hanging out with this friend?”

It’s a very value based lifestyle that focuses on achieving specific goals and being intentional with your time, so that you are always moving towards getting what you want.

  1. Slow Living

The concept is what it sounds like. Slow living.

This lifestyle is great for someone who is tired of the hustle and bustle of life and just wants to take things slow.

Slow down to eat, chew, and enjoy your food.

Slow down as you get ready in the morning.

Slow down to simply enjoy reading a good book while sipping tea.

Basically, appreciate all the moments. There are many books and magazines on slow living to learn more.

  1. Hygge Lifestyle

This lifestyle is a Danish concept that has found its way over to the US.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hygge as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being, regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture.”

Just think cozy faux fur blankets, fuzzy socks, journaling by a burning fireplace, shag rug, a warm beverage, and eating comfort food while surrounding yourself with family and friends.

  1. Digital Nomad or Nomad

This lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular because many people want to break out of the rat race and see the world.

A nomad is someone who travels from place to place where he/she doesn’t necessarily have a steady home address. While travelling, they usually stay with family, friends, strangers, or at hostels.

Keep in mind, a nomad can choose to be digital or not.

Meaning, they can earn money from working online or they can earn money from seasonal jobs as they visit various destinations without needing to be attached to a computer.

  1. Van or RV Life

This is similar to nomad living, with the exception that the van or RV is the home.

They too like to travel, but sometimes they may park their van or RV at a camping site or stay stationary on private property.

For many van and RV people who live in America, the United States is the travel destination. However, one can most certainly travel abroad to live the van or RV lifestyle.

  1. Tiny Home

Tiny home living is another popular lifestyle trend that’s gaining recognition and for good reason.

People who choose the tiny home lifestyle have grown tired of the exorbitant costs of owning a home or renting, where they realize that they have not been able to save money.

Tiny Home Nation is a reality show on Netflix to check out if you want to see more about living in a tiny home. The concept shares attributes similar to minimalism where you get rid of stuff you no longer need or use.

Besides, you can’t fit many items into a tiny home anyway because you know… it’s tiny.

  1. Jet Setter

If you are someone who loves to travel, but also loves luxury, the jet setter lifestyle may be perfect for you.

Jet setters are always on the go where they appreciate luxury hotel accommodations, fine dining, and shopping.

Plus, whisking away to a beautiful destination by private jet, first class, or even business class is the preferred transportation of choice.

  1. Luxury Lifestyle

To live a luxury lifestyle simply means you like to surround yourself with luxury.

The big misconception about living a luxury lifestyle is that you have to already have or earn a lot of money. That’s not necessarily true.

Whether it’s sleeping on satin sheets, drinking champagne on a Wednesday just because, or wearing designer perfume, you can live a luxury lifestyle on a budget.

Of course, if you already are a high earner, that’s great! If not, no worries. Living the luxury lifestyle it is totally attainable.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Obviously, this is a very coveted lifestyle choice.

Living a healthy lifestyle can mean anything that emphasizes health and fitness.

For example, someone who is very enthusiastic about yoga, raw dieting, keto, veganism, or bodybuilding would be seen as someone who is living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Vegan or Plant-Based

Both are considered healthy lifestyles, but they are really becoming an appealing way of living, which deserve to be recognized on their own.

Also, even though I mentioned the two together, veganism and plant-based are not the same.

For instance, someone who is a vegan does not consume any animal products and typically will not wear clothing made from animals.

Someone who lives a plant-based lifestyle may consume some animal products and may wear clothing made from animal.

  1. Wellness

Wellness does not only mean health or fitness. Actually, wellness is broken down into either five or seven pillars that include:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Intellectual
  4. Socially
  5. Spiritual
  6. Environmental
  7. Occupational

When it comes to wellness, it’s about one’s overall well-being for a more balanced life.

  1. Sustainable

Another lifestyle choice that is gaining steam is the sustainable living, although it’s not really a new concept (just sayin’).

The basic idea is to reduce the environmental and societal impact on the Earth’s resources. Even if this is not a way of living that speaks to you, we all can do more to help minimize our carbon footprint on the Earth.

Simply put, our planet will not always have enough food, water, resources, or energy to sustain a planet with 7.8 billion people that’s still continuing to grow.

If you are passionate about the Earth and its resources, a sustainable lifestyle may be for you.

  1. Debt Free lifestyle

For people drowning in debt and who were able to finally become financial free, living a debt free lifestyle is of no surprise.

That said, people living a debt free lifestyle do not want debt of any kind. Not even a mortgage.

While getting out of debt may be challenging for some, staying out of debt is where the real work begins.

However, the upside to becoming become debt free and staying that way is that one can now have a chance to build wealth and save for their retirement.

  1. Minimalist

Freeing yourself of stuff you don’t necessarily need and honestly…really don’t use is a movement within itself.

While I am not interested in becoming a minimalist, there are some aspects of this lifestyle that I find appealing. I personally have gotten rid of things I no longer want and I must say, it’s a freeing feeling.

However, I could stand to get rid of more stuff I don’t use; especially items that are taking up a lot of space.

  1. FIRE

FIRE, which stands for financial independence, retire early is all the rage. People who do FIRE save a significant amount of their take home pay. As much as 60%!

I personally would love to do FIRE, but I am not financially able to, which is why the movement has come under much criticism.

If appears that FIRE only works for millennial, white males who are high earners. Consequently, if you are someone who is a low income earner, you’re out of luck from doing FIRE.

Or are you?

It looks like the movement now has 4 approaches to the FIRE lifestyle, which are:





So, regardless of what financial state you’re in, achieving financial independence can be possible if you are aggressive and committed to saving money.

  1. Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This is the lifestyle I am pursuing.

Someone who wishes to be a lifestyle entrepreneur creates a business to help fund the type of lifestyle they want to live.

Meaning, one can create a business to travel the world or if they choose, create a business that affords them the ability to stay at home with their kids.

A blogger, YouTuber, or content creator would be considered a lifestyle entrepreneur.

  1. Laptop

This sounds similar to a lifestyle entrepreneur, but it’s actually very different.

Someone who wants to live the laptop lifestyle already has a business, usually online, and they want the ability to be able to travel and still conduct business.

So, if you want to conduct business on a sandy white beach somewhere, you most certainly can as long as you have an internet connection.

The main takeaway is the ability to do business independent of a specific location. Plus, laptop entrepreneurs are usually interested in scaling their business.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs on the other hand, are typically interested in earning just enough money, so they can continue to live the type of lifestyle of their chose.

  1. Corporate

There are just some people who love the corporate, cut throat life.

Dining clients, driving company cars, having a huge corner office on the top floor, wearing designer suits, or being a member of a posh country club are the name of the game of the corporate lifestyle.

  1. Live, Work, Play

Live, work, play communities (think condo and apartment complexes) are popping up in many cities and they are rather appealing to a young, working professional who don’t have children.

And for good reason!

These communities have great amenities right at your fingertips like a pool, hot tub, gym, Amazon hub, tennis and basketball courts, conference rooms, business station, and more.

To add, dining, coffee shops, shopping, and public transportation are typically within walking distance, especially in bigger cities.

Plus, traveling to work is a short distance away since jobs of live, work, play dwellers are usually close by.

  1. Rural, Country, Farmhouse

I put these three lifestyles in the same category because the concept for the way of living are petty similar.

Escape city life.

People who live this way adopt many aspects of the slow living where the desire for calm and slowing down is a priority, as with growing your own food, buying locally from mom and pop stores or farms, and having space for the kids and pets to roam around and play.

  1. Beach

People who live by the beach definitely have a vibe. It’s really chill, calm, happy, active, and carefree.

I now live in CA and if I didn’t work in the film industry that required me to travel a lot throughout LA County (traffic is a nightmare), I would totally be a beach girl.

Who wouldn’t want to be in a bikini all day, bike, surf, or play beach volleyball?

It’s a dream!

  1. Bohemian

Another type of lifestyle where the people definitely have a vibe is the Bohemian lifestyle. Call it a modern day hippie if you will.

This kind of lifestyle involves a lot of music, art, and spiritual pursuits among other like-minded people.

While I am not interested in being a Bohemian, I do love boho décor and I am striving for this aesthetic for my home.

  1. “That Girl” or “That Guy”

It may be a TikTok trend, but it seems like every Gen Z and younger Millennial wants to live this type of lifestyle.

Basically, someone who is “That Girl” or “That Guy” has their sh*t together and from watching these TikTok vlogs, the girl/guy appears to live the perfect life.

They wake between 5AM-6AM, they are super productive, have a great body, great skin, live in a hot pad, drive a luxury car, have the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, they eat healthy, etc.

Sounds picture perfect and who knows? Maybe it is.

This trend has come under scrutiny however, because it gives off a “my life is better than yours” type feeling.

Still, these vlogs are nice and aesthetic appealing.

Either way, if you break down the day of one of these routine videos, I feel that anyone can become “That Girl” or “That Guy.”

  1. Thrilling or Adventurous

This is the other type of lifestyle I want to combine with the Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

For me, wanting to live a thrilling or adventurous lifestyle was inspired by Thrillist, an online magazine.  Their motto is every day feels like Saturday where you enjoy food, drink, entertainment, and travel.

To live a thrilling lifestyle however, don’t think it’s all about jumping out of planes, climbing Mt. Everest, or skiing down a steep hill.

It can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant, going to an art show, or taste testing the best pizza joints in your city.

  1. Alternative

These are distinct subcultures that are outside the cultural norm.

For example, emo, grunge, motorcycle (hint: Sons of Anarchy), metal, nudism, swingers, or polygamy would all fall under an alternative lifestyle.


There you have it!

If you are someone who is looking to “change your life” or “create the life of your dreams,” hopefully these lifestyle ideas can help give you a guideline to achieve the life design you truly desire.

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