10 Ways How to Relax After a Long Day

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February 10, 2019
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10 Ways How to Relax After a Long Day

Long day at school, work, or dealing with the kids? If you are looking for some ways on “how to relax” after a long day, here are 10 tips for you to try.

You deserve to treat yourself to a little “me time,” don’t you think? Not only are relaxation techniques good for your overall well-being, but taking time for yourself will help re-charge you for following day.

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10 Ways How to Relax After a Long Day

1. Take a Bath

When was the last time you took a nice, hot bath? If you want to know how to relax, I’m telling you, baths are it!

Light some scented candles, play some soft music, and break out your favorite bubble bath or bath salts to create your own spa night at home.

Even if you don’t have the essential items for a bath, lying in a tub of hot water will be more than enough to help you relax and soothe your muscles.

2. Read a Book

I love playing and watching movies/videos on my cell phone as much as the next person, but reading a good old-fashioned book is not a total thing of the past. Read a classic, a murder mystery, or a biography of a famous person.

OK, OK…you love your Kindle (me too) and the selection in the Kindle library seems damn near endless, which is great.

Whichever reading option you choose, curl up in your favorite blankie and take an hour or so to get lost in another world.

3. Sip Chamomile Tea

Sipping chamomile tea (or any tea for that matter) is my #1 way how to relax. Whenever I get stressed, agitated, or feeling blue, tea just seems to make everything all better in that moment.

If you are not a tea drinker, then have some coffee! As long as you can take a moment for yourself to sit back and relax with your hands wrapped around a warm cup, trust me, you will feel a little bit more at ease.

4. Have a Glass of Wine

As I mentioned, I love having a cup of chamomile tea as a great way how to relax.

But ya know…sometimes…just SOMETIMES…I need a little pick me upper and having a chilled glass of wine can be just as relaxing.

As long as one drinks responsibly and in moderation, scientists claim that not only is it OK to have a glass of red wine every night, but it’s also beneficial for your health.

Gotta love those antioxidants, right? Not to mention, a glass of red wine does sound real nice with that bubble bath.

5. Indulge in your Favorite Dessert

Speaking of wine, why not pair it with your favorite dessert? Dark chocolate, red velvet cake, grilled peaches, etc.

Talk about ways on how to relax. Red velvet cake? YES, PLEASE!

Of course, if a glass of wine isn’t your thing, opting for a tasty dessert is great all by itself.

To which I might add, if you had a long day and you need to mellow down to get your mind, body, and soul right, don’t feel guilty about a little self-indulgence.

Don’t worry. The treadmill will still be there tomorrow.

6. Listen to Easy Music

Listening to some easy music is by far very relaxing. So, forget the heavy metal, rap, or rock music and instead, put something on a little lighter to help you wind down after a long day.

If you never listened to classical music before, it’t the perfect time to start. Plus, you will feel pretty sophisticated in doing so.

You can also try listening to easy rock, jazz, piano, instrumental, ambient music, or the soothing sounds of the ocean, nature, or rain drops.

7. Get a Massage from your Significant Other

While you’re listening to that soft music, get a massage from your significant other. Getting a massage is definitely one of the best ways on how to relax.

Don’t have a significant other? No worries!

You can always treat yourself to a massage at your local spa, or book a session with a mobile spa and have a masseuse come to you. What an ultimate way to treat yourself, right?

I haven’t tried a mobile spa, but when I do, I will definitely write a post about it to share my experience.

8. Make Love

After your significant other gives you that massage, make love. Yes, there are real stress relieving benefits from having sex. Therefore, get your sexual healing on!

(I really need to finally sign up for Match.com)

9. Take a Stroll

Don’t under estimate the positive mood benefits of taking a stroll around the neighborhood or park.

My father, when he was alive, would always take a good, long walk if he had a lot on his mind. Emulating after this good stress management habit, I too will sometimes take a long walk or stroll to get my thoughts together or to work through any problem in my life.

Therefore, if you have a lot on your mind and you need to be alone for a little while, the fresh air from taking a stroll will uplift your mood and give you some clarity.

10. Meditate and Stretch

Yes. Do both.

Also regarded as one of the best ways on how to relax, mediating helps to calm and quite the mind, and stretching helps to loosen up any tight muscles you have from anxiety, stress, or from just sitting at your computer all day.

Try it!

Quieting the mind takes practice, so don’t beat yourself up if a thousand thoughts run through your head as you try to meditate. Just gently guide your mind back to being silent and focus on your breath.

As for stretching, there are tons of free stretching and yoga videos on YouTube. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy equipment or workout clothes to get started. Just 5 minutes of stretching is more than enough to re-energize your body.

There you have it!

Remember, if you had a long day, or you are dealing with stress or anxiety in your life, these 10 tips on how to relax can do wonders for your overall well-being.


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