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About Me

This website was created to help promote my YouTube videos. At first I made the videos for fun, but now my focus is on making my channel and this blog a business, as well as actively create the lifestyle I want to live, while becoming the woman I want to be.

The Blog

See what’s new on the blog! From beauty to finances. Get inspired to create the lifestyle you want.

My YouTube Channel

Do you like watching YouTube videos? If so, I hope you check out my channel and consider subscribing.

The majority of my blog posts are in video!

My eBooks

My #1 video on YouTube is a DIY on how to make your own acne wash, body wash, and hair shampoo. When it hit over 100,000 views, it motivated me to write my experience on how to get rid of cystic acne. My skin has been cleared ever since once I made a few changes to my skincare, eating, and lifestyle routine.

You can read more about my blog post here!

A Skincare Guide to Preventing Cystic Acne

The Best 21 Tips to Prevent Acne

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21 Wardrobe Basics Every Women Should Have in Her Closet

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K.I.S.S. Bar Cart Styling Ideas – 5 Looks

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